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Steve Z  


Steve Z founded "The Sweets of Sin" in 1985 together with Frank Mankyboddle who was running the recording-project "Ship of Fools" in which Steve too was involved. Deciding to cooperate permanently and form a band that would play live, Steve suggested the name "The Sweets of Sin" (a quote from James Joyces "Ulysses").

Prior to "The Sweets of Sin" Steve had played with the band "Empty Vessels" and with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra as a French Horn player. He graduated from the Adelaide Conservatorium as composer and French Hornist.

Sharing the same musical ideal with Mankyboddle, of breaking the mold of musical stereotypes and genres he composed as diverse "The Sweets of Sin"-classics as "The Dance", "Comfort Me", "Lady Luck", "Two blue suits...", "Experiment with me", "The ghosts of the battlecry" and many more, some of which are still part of the current repertoire of "The Sweets of Sin".


photo by Linda Marlin


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