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In the desperate summer months of 1990 the legendarily most unwanted Australian band "The Sweets of Sin", by now stranded as migrants in a German provincial town, were seeking new ways to scrape a living. Apart from resorting to "unilateral trade" the brilliant solution to unemployment was soon found: JAZZ.

Steve Z, with an always astute sense for monetary concerns, remembered an Adelaide outfit that supposedly had successfully survived for some time on playing a palatable Jazz sound to a soft-core cocktail crowd. But since "The Sweets of Sin" members' attitude had always been: "It don't mean a thing if it's swing", the "thing" needed a real "Jazz Man" to breathe some life into it. A "Jazz Man", miraculously, happened to share the bands apartment: the gifted if lazy Jazz pianist and friend of the band ,"Fozzo" (as he is known to us today) , who, together with Mankyboddle, had led the even more ambitious Jazz project "Roadbop" in the late 1970ies.-

Crammed into a little flat, in a quaint little middle-of-nowhere, the inevitable happened and since theft seemed to be imperative in those days and Adelaide unknown to the rest of the planet KOOL SKOOL was reincarnated probably due to bad Karma in its previous life. Lacking a bass player in the early days of the band Z resorted to one of "The Sweets of Sins" hi tech tricks, a sequenced "basso continuo", courtesy of Ensoniq and Roland inc., which worked as well as the euphemism...

At the end of 1990 the band(s) made a grim but liberating move to Berlin. Smaller flats, no phones, no bathrooms, ripped of spouses and peers, German reunification, coal heating stoves, no gigs and neo-fascism in post-communist east Berlin were the nutrients for a desperate venture: KOOL SKOOL conscripted bass player Vincent Wienckowski "sag zum Abschied leise "Service" and new "The Sweets of Sin"-member Dirk Lang (Guitar) into the band in order to give the Jazz-notion more credibility and soon the thing sounded like, well, ALMOST JAZZ.

The rest is not history but one would like to point out that what the drummers and the music of "Spinal Tap" were to "Spinal Tap", the drummers (Daniel Clements, Jens Kluge) and the music of "KOOL SKOOL" were to "KOOL SKOOL".


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